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Metro and Regional TV


Over 13 million Australians tune into something on commercial free-to-air television every day, reaching 92% of the population every month.


TV advertising works. TV delivers advertisers a bigger return on investment than any other media. Ebiquity, a leading independent marketing analytics firm, found that:
Every $1 invested in TV advertising generated a return of $1.74 for FMCG brands.


TV ads stay in consumers’ memories longer than advertising on online-only platforms. Creating an “always on” TV campaign is a sure way to ensure your brand becomes part of the cultural zeitgeist.


The average Australian watches 2 hours and 24 minutes of broadcast television a day on in-home television sets. Watching TV is Australians’ No.1 entertainment activity!


TV is heavily regulated (from both a content and commercial POV) which ensures your ad is in a trusted environment, with viewers often seeing TV content as more credible than other forms of media.


Live, catch up and on-demand

Reach Assistance

As audiences continue to shift, BVOD is a fantastic way to follow your audience, wherever they go.


BVOD is free and only requires a wifi connection, meaning many Australian homes turn to this medium.


BVOD campaigns allow for granular targeting, delivering target audiences to advertisers and minimising wastage of marketing dollars.


People want to watch programs in their time and want to have control. BVOD empowers this by offering a combination of live, catch up and on-demand streaming. BVOD viewing increased by 43% YOY in February 2019, with Australians watching nearly 3 billion BVOD minutes that month.

Radio + Digital Audio



Radio reaches 95% of Australians within the five metropolitan capital cities each week. – source GfK Radio Ratings 2021 S1-8.


Commercial radio is a growing medium – an increase of 14% (14 million listeners) in the past five years. -source GfK Radio Ratings.


Radio can cost-effectively offer frequency of messaging to a large audience. Australians consume over 15 hours of radio per week.

Generates Action

People are 6 times more likely to search for a brand online after hearing it advertised on the radio. Radio is a great way to build brand awareness and stimulate digital activity.


The trusted voices of on-air talent has the potential to create an emotional connection with listeners, which is effective in building brand loyalty and generating customer engagement.


Radio stations often have a strong local presence, allowing businesses to reach their target audience in a specific geographical area, whether that be metropolitan or regional.

Digital Audio

Live-stream, Podcasts, Catch-up

Targeted Audience

Digital audio advertising enables marketers to target specific audiences based on demographics, interests, behaviour and location, allowing them to reach the right people with their message.

Instant Results and Flexibility

Digital audio offers advertisers instant access to track the performance of their campaigns and adjust their strategies as needed with the flexibility to change their ad messaging quickly and easily.

Complimentary Medium

Digital audio compliments radio advertising – a campaign can benefit from significantly increased Reach by allocating a percentage of your radio advertising budget to digital audio.


Newspapers: Print and Online + Magazines


Local print has a strong community connection and provides advertisers with an engaged and interested audience.

Trusted Medium

Readers trust advertising that appears in Press.Every $1 invested in TV advertising generated a return of $1.74 for FMCG brands.


Deadlines are close to publication date providing advertisers the opportunity to run current messaging rather than having to deliver material weeks ahead.

Out Of Home

Large Format, Small Format, Transit, Rail, Airports

Stand Out

Positioned in stand-out locations with minimal media clutter, audiences are highly receptive to Out of Home advertising.


A powerful mass medium which audiences can’t ignore, Out of Home advertising offers brands a large-scale canvas to grow brand awareness.

24/7 Exposure

With Static and Digital options available, Out of Home advertising offers a unique opportunity to reach your audience, any time of day, by being ever-present.


The Silver Screen: where else do you find an eager, attentive, captive audience, with popcorn in-hand?

Cinema advertising is a great way to reach a truly local audience. Appear in specific locations or sponsor film festivals. Associating your brand with respected venues such as Hoyts, Palace Cinema and Village Cinema can elevate your reputation. 

Craft your creative and marketing message to align with events and festivals. Your audience are already in entertainment mode, all that’s left is to entertain them!


Jingle-Writing, Television Commercials, Radio Commercials, Copywriting

With access to Australia’s leading, award-winning jingle writers, O’Neill Media Group can create unforgettable sonic-branding for your company.

Not just audio, O’Neill Media Group are also proud of our excellent relationships with some of the best creative production houses which Melbourne has to offer.

Whether it be a nation-wide television commercial you need created, or a quick script for a local radio station, we can make it happen. Contact O’Neill Media Group to discuss your production needs.

Drone Light Shows

via Global Drone Network

Looking to wow audiences with your spectacular brand messaging in the skies? Drone Light Shows are a premium service for brands who will go the extra distance in their advertising. Contact O’Neill Media Group to discuss the exciting options available to brands who think outside the box.

Total TV

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